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Re: Essential packages (Re: Debian on the Sharp Zaurus/SL-5xxx)

I demand that Matt Zimmerman may or may not have written...

> On Sun, Jun 16, 2002 at 10:04:46PM +0200, Magnus Ekdahl wrote:
>>> grep
>> 	egrep
>> 	fgrep

> I would expect these to be links to grep; I wonder why they are not.  You
> may want to ask the maintainer about this.

Since the maintainer doesn't appear to have responded yet... :-)

In grep 2.4.x, the binaries have all but one source file in common. The
binary-specific files - {,e,f}grepmat.c - define a variable which is either
null (=> "grep", effectively) or points to "egrep" or "fgrep"; at runtime,
this string is used to determine which of -G, -E, or -F is the default.

In grep 2.5.x, examination of src/Makefile.am shows that egrep and fgrep are
shell scripts which exec, respectively, 'grep -E' and 'grep -F'. I'm not
quite sure why they're generated by the makefile, though...

You /could/ get away with symlinks or (better) hard links, with an explicit
check on the leafname; however, the implemented methods avoid any reliance on
specific leafnames.

>>> fileutils
>> 	dir
>> 	vdir

> I expected dir and vdir to be links to ls, but they are not.  I certainly
> never use them.

I suspect that the same leafname reliance avoidance, or at least something
very similar, applies here.

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