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Comparison of Linux distributions

I spotted this on slashdot a while back..

	This is an opinion piece offering solutions for all the ills of
	the RPM Package Manager. It has been written with Slashdot in
	mind - it is a fairly controversial topic and I would like to
	hear the experiences and views of other users who have tried
	different package formats and different Linux distributions.

ofcourse, it is about RPM, but it has a few pointers for us, debian
people, too (if you read bethween the lines).


if you read it through, it will discuss the major defects of RPM and RPM
based systems in general, although it's main focus is to seek for a
better solution for packages, it mentions debian:

	4.5 Switch to Debian

	Debian is a great project loved by its users and followers. Just
	to recap, the Debian package management system consists of
	several utilities, of which 'apt-get' is the best known; it
	allows for seamless updates of individual packages or for a
	system-wide upgrade of the entire distribution to a newer
	version. It resolves all dependencies automatically.

ofcourse, that is just the good part. if focuses on some of the
downsides of debian too, most of us know these already, but it's good to
try and learn something of the feedback we are getting.


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