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Re: Latest samba packages break smbclient

> While I understand your discomfort, the truth is that I see little
> compelling evidence here to suggest a broken mirror was actually at
> fault.  If you did not upgrade the Samba package by hand, and you never
> had unstable in your sources list, then the only other explanation is a
> broken mirror; however, barring an act of deliberate sabotage, mirror
> breakage of this nature is terribly unlikely.  The most probable
> explanation, particularly if your usage is anything like mine, is that
> you had an unstable mirror in your sources.list at one point to install
> the latest version of some favored package, and you accidentally
> upgraded your system during that window.
> If you are concerned about the impact of mirror brokenness or sabotage
> (as you certainly should be!), there are scripts floating around that
> can be used to verify the PGP signatures that are always made available
> for the day's Packages files.

Perhaps, then it would be handdy be be able to identify packages that
have installed versions which are newer than those available among the
current Packages.  I'm guessing that a momentary use of unstable was
to blame, too.

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