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Re: The automake issue, and why crippling 1.6 is a bad plan

On Thu, Jun 13, 2002 at 12:53:55PM -0700, Joseph Carter wrote:
> I test the things I develop with automake 1.4, 1.5 (now 1.6 instead), and
> both autoconf 2.13 and 2.50.  This includes Debian and non-Debian stuff.
> I do not feel it is acceptable for the things I work on to simply fail to
> work, regardless of which version of autowhatever you've got installed,
> provided that you've got some sane minimum version.

For what it's worth, GTK+ 2.0 does not seem to be supported by automake 1.4.
GTK+ 1.2 found support directories using gtk-config, but 2.0 now uses
pkg-config.  automake 1.4 doesn't know about this change.


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