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Re: Uninstallable packages in woody

Santiago Vila (2002-05-31 20:54:55 +0200) :

> sourceforge depends on proftpd which is not available

Uh?  proftpd not available?  The only way I can think this happened is
if it was moved *back* to non-US, since I remember that I checked for
all the dependencies when I asked to move sourceforge to main.

Wichert Akkerman (2002-05-31 21:56:29 +0200) :

> Those scripts make sure things don't get worse, existing cruft from
> potato still exists.

Yeah, well, it seems there's a problem somewhere.  sourceforge was not
in Potato, so either it was moved into testing while it should not
have been, or some tricky stuff happened since then.

  Any clue on how can I help resolve this?  Would moving sourceforge
back to non-US help?  Can this be done by ftpmasters (by means of an
override or some other magic)?  Does this justify a new upload?


Roland Mas

C r  ' s  d   a  u    e   e    ll r   a  u i r .  
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