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Re: Wish: Unfreeze Woody and start anew

> and relieves me as a 
> System Administrator that I don't have to go through major software 
> upgrade pains every 6 months

I unfortunately don't have that luxery. My users demand too-new versions
of things... I think if I left it up to them, they'd run unstable on the

Potato has too old versions of things to be of much use on a bunch of
the servers. They have run woody for a few months now. I have to track
security updates myself.

I'd be very happy with a faster release schedule. The web work I admin
for requires it. A year would be much better for a lot of people. 

> One of the 
> reasons I use Debian is that I don't have to expose the stability of my 
> systems to Microsoft like release cycles that most of the other Linux 
> distributions put their users through.

That's a rather low blow. DeadPhat still does security updates for 6.2,
for example.

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