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Re: dpkg can't remove directories

On 10 Jun 2002, Grant Edwards wrote:

> I'm getting more confused.  Doing a --purge after the --remove
> (which failed) _does_ remove all of the files.  However if I do
> a --purge without doing --remove first, then it won't work:
>  dpkg -i         [OK]
>  dpkg --remove   [warnings about non-empty directories]
>  dpkg --purge    [OK]
>  dpkg -i      [OK]
>  dpkg --purge [warnings about non-empty directories]

As I said, the warning is harmless.

> Not only does dpkg decline to remove some of the files, but
> afterwards seems confused about what files are actually on the
> system:
>   debian:~# dpkg --remove tmpfs-support
>   dpkg - warning: ignoring request to remove tmpfs-support, only the config
>    files of which are on the system.  Use --purge to remove them too.

Of course.  Read the dpkg docs.

> Now dpkg claims only the config files are left. But, if I ask
> for a list of files, it shows a bunch of them and only the last
> one is a config file:
>   debian:~# dpkg -L tmpfs-support
>   /etc/init.d/tmpfs-support.sh
>   /etc/cron.daily/tmpfs-support
>   /etc/tmpfs-support
>   /etc/tmpfs-support/skel
>   /etc/tmpfs-support/skel/var
>   /etc/tmpfs-support/skel/var/log
>   /etc/tmpfs-support/skel/var/log/wtmp
>   /etc/tmpfs-support/skel/var/run
>   /etc/tmpfs-support/skel/var/run/utmp
>   /etc/tmpfs-support/config

These are all conffiles.  Check your deb closer.

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