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Re: hardware detection libraries

On Sunday 09 June 2002 21:23, you wrote:
> On Sun, Jun 09, 2002 at 08:26:48PM +0100, Boris Duerner wrote:
> > c) discover
> > Forked version of libdetect by progeny, also outdated.
> What's outdated about it?  It's been seeing regular uplaods, bugfixed,
> and feature additions.

The file pcmcia.lst is only 426B in size. Maybe 10 cards are listed there The 
one from Mandrake's cvs for instance is much bigger. 
But proove me wrong if you like I would rather like to use discover/libdetect 
than kudzu, because there is at least some documentation about it. To me it 
seems like the new libdetect and kudzu are using a different format for their 
hardaretables. So debian would be left with its own version which is less 
likely to be up to date than the ones from RedHat/Mandrake.


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