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Re: Wish: Unfreeze Woody and start anew

On Sat, Jun 08, 2002 at 11:53:37PM +0200, Florent Rougon wrote:
> Yeah, great, I like this principle too. There is a least one problem,
> though: some important packages, say XFree 4.2, are said to be waiting
> for woody's release. I know about several cases where this will imply
> (because of the graphics adapters support in 4.2) a Mandrake
> distribution being installed on a server[1] instead of a Debian system.
> I hope I won't have to fix too many things... More importantly, we are
> losing potential users.
> [1] Well, a machine on which several users will log into and run X
>     programs, among others

Interesting.  Because, of course, what X server is installed on a
machine has everything to do with what clients can be started on it, and
directed at remote displays...

Karnak sees FAQ reading in your future.

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