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Re: Do you use the DBS? Document it!

On Wed, 2002-06-05 at 19:38, Brian May wrote:

> My preference is to include the description in the patch file, as patch
> will automatically skip any junk before and after the patch.

I agree.

> The problem with standardization is why I now maintain the dbs package,
> however, I suspect not many programs use it (ones that do use it include
> krb4, heimdal, and hello-dbs; this list may be incomplete)[1].

walters@space-ghost> grep-available -FBuild-Depends -sPackage dbs /var/lib/apt/lists/ftp.debian.org_debian_dists_sid_main_source_Sources 
Package: cfengine2
Package: crack-attack
Package: cvs
Package: eel2
Package: gconf2
Package: gnet
Package: gnome-vfs2
Package: heimdal
Package: hello-dbs
Package: jack
Package: krb4
Package: mailutils
Package: newsx
Package: oaf
Package: oskit
Package: uw-imap
Package: uw-imap-ssl

And I just converted my package gnome-system-monitor to it, too.

> However, I am still not happy with this solution, ideally dpkg-source
> should support dbs itself, without needing to include the upstream
> source archive within a .orig.tar.gz file (this makes it awkward to
> convert a dbs source to non-dbs source and vice versa, unless you can
> change the upstream version number).

Definitely.  Adam has already mostly implemented it, IIRC.

> If you can think of (and write) better documentation to include in the
> dbs package, please let me know.

Just submitted as #149165; additions and corrections would be welcome.

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