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LVM 1:1.0.4 - Don't upgrade.

I've had a couple of bug reports about the "upgrade" from LVM 1.1rc1 to LVM
1:1.0.4 failing to recognise volume groups.

This can obviously get very serious if your /usr and or /var is on LVM so I
recommend anyone using LVM puts it on hold for the time being.

In theory (!) the metadata has not changed for LVM between the 1.1 and 1.0
releases so at the moment I don't know what's happening - I'm going to get in
touch with Heinz to try to sort it out as soon as possible.

My motives for going from 1.1 back to 1.0.4 were twofold and I still beleive
they are right:

- 1.1 is a development release with lots of bugs and poorly tested features
  and 1.0.4 is an incremental bug fix from the stable 1.0.1 tree.
- 1.1 is unlikely to see a real release anyway. Sistina are concentrating the
  LVM development effort on LVM2 which a new clean codebase  

I think what has happened is that some bug in 1.1 has affected the on-disk
metadata in a way that 1.0.4 doesn't like.

I'm very sorry to the people who got bitten by this, I have done many upgrades
from 1.1 to 1:1.0.4 myself without problems but there are obviously some issues
there I didn't catch.


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