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Re: Bug#147303: ITP: winex -- A DESCRIPTION

>>"Ove" == Ove Kaaven <ovek@arcticnet.no> writes:

 Ove> But in the role of a transgaming affiliate, I'd prefer that you
 Ove> don't if you want them to have an income; they're not "lying",

	I appreciate you disclose the potential source of bias up
 front. However, if the license state ``you can freely distribyute'',
 buyt they say prvately you should not, or we shall take the whole
 ball of wax and walk away, are they truly not lying? 

 Ove> the license do allow you to make packages, but that permission
 Ove> is meant to allow "fair use" (you can make packages for
 Ove> yourself, or give packages to your friends to show them what
 Ove> they can do), it's not intended for mass distribution of
 Ove> unsupported binaries. If mass distribution happens anyway, then
 Ove> the license would be changed to stop it, and then that fair use
 Ove> would no longer be legal either, is that what you want?

	a) a license change can not do away with fair use, it takes an
    act of congress, and perhaps a constitutional amendment to that
    here in the US. 

        b) bullshit. If that is what they wanted, they could have said
           so in the license.

 Ove> But if you really want to commit such controversy

	Commit a contoversy? What controversy? One is merely folowing
 the license on the software. 

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