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Re: deb-subset: proposal for yet another partial Debian mirroring tool

> > I think I am going to implement the deb-subset as described below,
> > unless someone points me to an already-existing implementation.
> > 
> Just one..  Please make sure it is possible to feed more than one package
> list to this thing somehow.  Some of us have more than one machine with
> different package lists.  Something that supports both that and partial
> mirroring I could really use.  Actually, if I had a download manager with
> rate limiting, I could set it to about half-way and do the partial mirror
> on this machine's slow link..
I don't unterstand this, you could easyally setup serveral mirroring
tasks, each with a different list, into the same target. At least with
my script no package will be downloaded twice.

O. Wyss

Author of "Debian partial mirror synch script"

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