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Re: Bug#147303: ITP: winex -- A DESCRIPTION

Ove Kaaven <ovek@arcticnet.no> writes:

> But in the role of a transgaming affiliate, I'd prefer that you
> don't if you want them to have an income; they're not "lying", the
> license do allow you to make packages, but that permission is meant
> to allow "fair use" (you can make packages for yourself, or give
> packages to your friends to show them what they can do), it's not
> intended for mass distribution of unsupported binaries.  If mass
> distribution happens anyway, then the license would be changed to
> stop it, and then that fair use would no longer be legal either, is
> that what you want?

I think the point is that Transgaming is *lying* by having a license
which says "we're happy with mass distribution", and then using
back-door pressure to try and stop them.

If they were free-software-friendly, we might honor that, but they
*aren't*.  They should roll all their changes back into wine, and they
won't.  So they are not our friends.

The argument "we shouldn't object to software hoarding, because that's
how they make money" is not one that has ever been accepted in Debian.

If they simply change the license now to reflect their true
intentions, then that would be fine.  


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