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Re: How to package device files?

On Sun, Jun 02, 2002 at 02:58:17PM -0500, Grant Edwards wrote:
> >Not to mention the fact that some other kernels don't use the same device
> >node numbers as Linux... while we can do hackery in a MAKEDEV script fairly
> >easily, to catch common names and do soemthing useful with them (in many
> >cases it should 'just work', in fact), trying to cope with doing direct
> >numeric mknods is going to cause your package to be utterly uninstallable
> >on any of the non-linux arches. If it's a Linux-specific package, that's
> >no big deal, of course, but it's something to keep in mind if it's not.
> The package contains a device driver module. So, yes, it's Linux-specific.

Ah. Then it's not an issue, pretty much by definition.

> Are there Debian systems that aren't Linux?  

Released? Not yet, no. In progress? At least 4 active and a couple that
seem to be in limbo at the moment (active: freebsd-i386, netbsd-i386,
hurd-i386, and openbsd-i386, along with at least netbsd-alpha seeming to be
in limbo at the moment).

> Is there a Debian BSD?

Four of them, so far, actually. Depending on how you want to count it. Plus
the Hurd, as noted. But, again, if this is a Linux module, then it's just
fine for it to make Linux-specific references, though MAKEDEV is still your
friend. :)
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