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Re: Debian Developer Survey (short, anonymous)

>>"Joey" == Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org> writes:

 Joey> when entered debian info is easy,

	It took me two years and and location of the infamous
 infomagic release site to determine that

 Joey> some web searches can fairly well narrow down when someone
 Joey> began using debian (and that's not a fact most of us would
 Joey> hesitate to tell anyone, anyway..),

	I'd appreciate it if people could let me know when I started
 using Debian. I think it was '94, it was certainly before summer of
 '95, but may have been as early as 93 (though perhaps I was using SLS

 When I think about myself, I almost laugh myself to death, My life
 has been one great big joke, Sixty years in these folks' world A
 dance that's walked The child I works for calls me girl A song that's
 spoke, I say "Yes ma'am" for working's sake. I laugh so hard I almost
 choke Too proud to bend When I think about myself.  Too poor to
 break, I laugh until my stomach ache, When I think about myself. My
 folks can make me split my side, I laughed so hard I nearly died, The
 tales they tell, sound just like lying, They grow the fruit, But eat
 the rind, I laugh until I start to crying, When I think about my
 folks. Maya Angelou
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