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Re: Distributing unreleased ports on CD (was: firewalling tools)

> > Yes, but wouldn't everybody prefer that you distribute CDs of testing instead
> > of unstable, or CDs of stable instead of testing, if they were available?
> Absolutely.  But please do not think that the existence of installation
> CDs means that the Hurd is further on in its development than it is.
> Debian boot-floppies had to be crudely butchered and it is a tribute to
> its authors that this could be done.  debian-cd is very flexible and so
> less butchery was needed.  When Debian GNU/Hurd is released the
> installation CDs will be produced by scripts that will have no resemblance
> to what I use.
> The CDs are produced as a service to the Hurd developers and would-be
> developers.  They also give the curious hacker a chance to see what is
> going on.

My point is that the existence of installation CDs means whatever it's
installed is considered by many people "interesting to be installed".

The ideal scenario would be that a testing distribution is created for
the unreleased architectures and we modify the FAQ so that it allows
CDs from testing as well as stable.

The current status in which your CDs are already useful and the FAQ
says they should not exist at all is not consistent.

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