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Re: Distributing unreleased ports on CD (was: firewalling tools)

On Wed, 22 May 2002, Santiago Vila wrote:

> [ sorry for the off-topic ]
> Anthony Towns wrote:
> > That's what unstable's for. There's also nothing stopping people from
> > making Hurd CDs (and this has already been done) and giving it to people.
> Quoting the Debian FAQ:
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> 13.1 Can I make and sell Debian CDs?
>    Go ahead. You do not need permission to distribute anything we have
>    *released*, [...]
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> We got *very* angry when some CD distributor started to sell "Debian 1.0"
> Do we have different standards for unreleased ports?
> unstable does not even have consistent dependencies. If only there
> were a testing distribution for hurd-i386...

Don't worry.  From the head of the README.

These are alpha installation discs of a developing operating system.  Use
at your own risk and take the proper precautions.


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