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Re: Clueless users are bad for debian (was Let's CENSOR it!)

Fortunately for us, Debian is a user-contributed distribution, not a
"1337 d157r0".  If you feel that Debian is lacking, roll up your sleeves
and contribute.  Ask this question: "I feel that Debian needs more work
on the Desktop environment, and I want to help.  Is anyone focusing on
this?  Who should I talk to?"

If it's the dissemination of information you're worried about, instead,
contribute your editorial skills to help maintain sites like
debianplanet.org or tldp.org.

Save your ranting for slashdot.org.  Here, it'll only get you inserted
into personal killfiles.

BTW: This is a rhetorical post that does not require a reply, especially
if you feel the need to rant some more.  If this post prompts you to
take a proactive approach to contributing to the Debian project, create
a new post w/a more appropriate subject.


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