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Re: where do NEW packages go?

On 19 May 2002, Alfred M. Szmidt wrote:

> * Adam Heath writes:
> > On 19 May 2002, Alfred M. Szmidt wrote:
> >> Please stop spreading lies,
> > So, anyone who doesn't know the truth, and speaks what he thinks is right, is
> > a liar?  That's taking it a bit far.
> No, someone saying something as a fact (which you did) that is
> completely wrong, is called a lie.  Note, that it was not my slightest
> intention to make this an personal attack on you.

No, I didn't say it was a fact.

I just went and read the email I myself wrote.  I did *not* say that.  You are

(note how I didn't call you a liar.  Saying "you are mistaken" is a much
software way of communicating, then coming out and calling someone a liar.)

> > It also reflects on you personally, for assuming that.  Generally, those who
> > call others liars are themsevles liars.  They assume everyone else is just
> > like themselves.
> I did not assume anything, what you said was completely wrong.

It may have been completely wrong.  I have already said that I was wrong, and
have seen both your's and Marcus' replies, and corrections.  I've modified my
internal memory tables to take into the account the correct naming

Calling someone a liar means they are doing it on purpose.  Because of the
limited form of this medium(email), it is very hard to know what someone's
intent is.  It's much better to say someone is mistaken, correct them, and
then if their reply is wrong, then at that point you can maintain your
viewpoint of them.

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