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Diffs between Linux, the Hurd and *BSD ports of Debian - constructiveness

Hi all!

I have been following recent discussion about the Hurd closely - under
"where do NEW packages go" on both d-d and d-hurd lists (not all was
crossposted, so you surely missed some if didn't read both lists).

>From what I have seen there I think that direct cause for all the 
flamewar were:
1. Bad timing Woody release, and ABI switch in the Hurd - for both
"so-called" groups these are *extremly* important things.
2. Lack of information - so that "the rest" (non-Hurdish) part of
Debian Community had a chance to learn how, where and why the Hurd
is different.

As there's not much that can be done about the first issue
(anyway I hope the packages needed for the Hurd so badly will be put
into the archive shortly), the second one seem much more important in
a long run - in the future.

It seems that we (Debian) may have three ports in not so far future:
- Linux
- *BSD
- the Hurd

Most of the developers is familiar with the first one and have no
time to dig around to learn more about the others. That's why there's
so little understanding of all the issues here (and lots of flames).

So what I am trying to propose here?

I imagine that it would be good for Debian (as a whole) and Hurd
and *BSD port too to put up a complete list of DIFFERENCES that
MAY be needed to take into account when creating Debian ports.

For every difference there should be complete description:
- what is exactly the difference,
- why is it there (what for), 
- pros and contras of changing it to fit current (surely Linuxish!)
Debian Policy,
- how would it affect other ports (does it force maintainers to do
some additional work, etc),
- others that matter

I belive that would be good starting point of the discussion
(which will of course happen after Woody release) about the changes
in the Debian (which must come anyway) and how new ports should
best fit into (new, improved) Debian (Policy).

I have no enough knowledge to start such a document, even if I am
interested in the Hurd. I have only heard about some things like
/hurd /libexec vs. FHS or MAXPATHLEN problem - but I am sure there's
more to _disucss_.

>From what I was told - many of the differences that the Hurd has
(compared to Linux) will also be true for *BSD port.
Maybe joining the forces here would help.

No flames in this thread please.

Best regards

				Grzegorz Prokopski

PS: Of course I asked at #hurd if such document exists. It seems
there are only some informations for those porting packages to
the Hurd - which may be a good starting point for the proposed
document, but surely is not what is needed here The proposed
document should be for the Developers that want to get a clue
what is this all about and get some real technical info on this.

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