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Re: CVS directories in debian packages

On 17-May-2002 Joey Hess wrote:
> Can anyone think of a reason for a debian binary package to include a
> CVS directory? I can't, and about 50 packages in unstable do. For
> example, it crept into debhelper since I build it out of a CVS tree[1], and
> a few copies of files into the build dir are overly aggressive.
> I'm thinking that lintian should certianly warn about such directories,
> which will verge from merely unsightly to real causes of bugs, and it
> wouldn't hurt to file wishlist bugs on the other 50 packages that do
> this, unless reasons turn up for them to really have a CVS directory in
> them. I've attached the grep of the Contents file, and in summary, these
> packages are affected:
>   abiword-doc althea althea cdebconf chromium-data chromium-data clue
>   cmucl-source cmucl-source cocoon2-doc cvs-conf debhelper debhelper
>   devhelp-book-glibc doc-html-w3 egg egoboo-data emacspeak gem
>   gnurobots gstalker ipv6calc ircd jmeter ksmp3play libapache-mod-dtcl
>   libmicrowindows-dev libswf-perl libtabe-dev libxlib-ocaml links madoka
>   madoka memoization mercury mnogosearch-common mnogosearch-common mtd-tools
>   note omlcs openslp-doc pica pica pygopherd series switchconf sylpheed-doc
>   teknap tinc turbine-doc xcin
> I'm also considering making some parts of debhelper refuse to install
> CVS directories, or even actively delete them[2].

Unfortunately some upstreams include them.  They are mostly harmless unless you
try to import them into your own cvs.

The lintian check will annoy people because even if they remove it in their
patch lintian won't see that and will still complain.

CVS dirs in a deb on the other hand should definately be caught by lintian.

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