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Re: RMS' girlfriend

Wilmer van der Gaast <lintux@bigfoot.com> writes:

> SO == Sexual Opposite, right?
> Hmm, still not gay-friendly I guess.

$ dict so


>From Jargon File (4.3.0, 30 APR 2001) [jargon]:

  SO /S-O/ n. 1. (also `S.O.') Abbrev. for Significant Other, almost
     invariably written abbreviated and pronounced /S-O/ by hackers. Used to
     refer to one's primary relationship, esp. a live-in to whom one is not
     married. See {MOTAS}, {MOTOS}, {MOTSS}. 2. [techspeak] The Shift Out
     control character in ASCII (Control-N, 0001110).


That's what you're looking for...

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