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Re: pc105 keyboard and X

yeah, pc101 uses Alt as Meta; pc104 or 105 (which ever the default
US suggestion with xf4 was) makes Alt into Alt (ooh, sounds like it
makes sense, doesn't it?) and then makes Meta one of those keys many
of us have been electroshocked into avoiding.  Emacs (for example)
uses meta as meta, and if there is an alt, will use that as a
*distinct* bucky-bit.  Since it moved from xf3, though, it breaks many
typing habits -- I've recommended (and do myself) just switching back
to pc101 [it has become a FAQ among emacs users at least], but there
may be a better approach...

I was recently informed of another way around, presumably in emacs
21.3 though:

>  If you are running CVS emacs, however:

> ** Under X11, it is possible to swap Alt and Meta (and Super and
>    Hyper).
> The new variables `x-alt-keysym', `x-hyper-keysym', `x-meta-keysym',
> and `x-super-keysym' can be used to choose which keysyms Emacs should
> use for the modifiers.  For example, the following two lines swap
> Meta and Alt:
>     (setq x-alt-keysym 'meta)
>     (setq x-meta-keysym 'alt)

so I'm not sure which approach is "right".

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