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Found work alike of ScannerDaemon in GPLed C!!!


Just pulled the latest clam archive, it looks like the way to go.  It is written in C, GPLed has a virus db update daemon, and uses the Open Antivirus virus database.  It is really well documented, and probably well written code developed on Debian Potato.  Should be fairly easy to get this packaged. 

Kurt should be encouraged to go over it and get its heuristics stuff checked over.  As once this thing gets out, it will have wings because of its licensing and non-dependence on Suns java.

Got to go to bed now.  Will try it tomorrow with AMaVis-perl-11 and exim.  I am cooking

Best Regards,

Matthew Grant

On Fri, 2002-05-10 at 18:31, Brian May wrote:
Here is a selection of some emails giving useful information concering
scannerdaemon and amavis. Philip has seen at least on of these, not sure
about the rest.
Brian May <bam@snoopy.apana.org.au>

From: noreply@sourceforge.net
To: noreply@sourceforge.net
Subject: [ openantivirus-Bugs-550444 ] kaffe operation completely broken
Date: 30 Apr 2002 04:51:13 -0700

Bugs item #550444, was opened at 2002-04-30 02:35
You can respond by visiting: 

Category: ScannerDaemon
Group: None
Status: Open
Resolution: None
Priority: 5
Submitted By: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody)
Assigned to: Kurt Huwig (kurti)
Summary: kaffe operation completely broken

Initial Comment:

If I run scannerdaemon from kaffe with -nosignature, it
reports a certain file as containing no virus. This
seems to be a problem with kaffe, rather then the
-nosignature option.

If I run it from j2sdk, it reports thew same file as
having the Sircam virus.

Running scannerdaemon with kaffe is required; I have
been told (but not confirmed) that the GPL prevents
distribution of packages that require j2sdk[1][2].


[1] Actually this only fixes part of the problem.
Building is also a problem... Last I checked, a number
of classes are required from j2sdk for building.

[2] This could also be fixed if the copyright (and I
mean the copyright, not the COPYING file) is altered to
allow distribution with j2sdk (as an exception to the
requirements of the GPL).



>Comment By: Kurt Huwig (kurti)
Date: 2002-04-30 13:51

Logged In: YES 

The Cryptix-URL is 'www.cryptix.org'.

ScannerDaemon is written for the Java2 plattform and happens
to run with the JRE from Sun. But is does also work with the
one from IBM, I guess. I do not believe that Java software
is generally excluded from being able to be licensed GPL.


Comment By: Brian May (bmay)
Date: 2002-04-30 11:57

Logged In: YES 


I am just uploading the virus. I am really puzzled with this
bug, I thought that it should either work or not work. kaffe
bug?????? I am using the Debian version 1.0.6-3.

You not the only one with that intepretation of the GPL.
OpenSSL have something similar on their web site. I have
heard that commercial companies like Sun agree too.

However, the Debian interpretation (and I think this is the
FSF's interpretation too, although I am in the process of
clarifying this with them) is that if all the components are
distributed with the operating system (eg. Debian), then the
"unless" part takes affect rendering the special exception void.

Perl is not a problem, because I would assume the licenses
are "compatable". The GPL and j2sdk licenses are definitely
not compatable.

Personally, I am not to worried just yet; but if somebody
complains, the package could get removed from Debian.

However, regardless of the above problems, because j2sdk is
required to compile sacnnerdaemon (and the JCE doesn't
appear to be the only problem, but I can't recall the other
classes required) it can't go into main in Debian. It would
be really good if I could get scannerdaemon to go into main,
and it would really increase the popularity of your program. 

Some people really dislike the j2sdk license, although I am
not sure of the exact problems myself.

I haven't heard of the cryptix librarys - do you have a URL



Comment By: Kurt Huwig (kurti)
Date: 2002-04-30 11:18

Logged In: YES 

Please send me the file encrypted with my GPG key, or upload
it to ftp://ftp.rk4.iku-netz.de/incoming/ via anonymous FTP.

For building, you need the cryptography classes (JCE) that
are not included with kaffe. Maybe you can use the ones from
Cryptix; my time is limited, so I cannot do this.

The J2SDK is not _required_ to run ScannerDaemon, so it does
not need to be licensed GPL: "However, as a special
exception, the source code distributed need not include
anything that is normally distributed (in either source or
binary form) with the major components (compiler, kernel,
and so on) of the operating system on which the executable
runs, unless that component itself accompanies the executable."

If you were right, Perl has to be licensend GPL so that GPL
based Perl scripts can be distributed.


You can respond by visiting: 

From: Dalibor Topic <robilad@yahoo.com>
To: Brian May <bam@snoopy.apana.org.au>, Jim Pick <kaffe@rufus.w3.org>
Subject: Re: [kaffe] [Fwd: [ openantivirus-Bugs-550444 ] kaffe operation completely broken]
Date: 08 May 2002 10:44:31 -0700

hi brian,

--- Brian May <bam@snoopy.apana.org.au> wrote:
> Hello,
> I have been told that I probably should forward this
> kafe bug report
> (with zip files containing directories) to you.
> Possibly this bug has already been fixed in CVS.

I've just checked in a patch by Tim Stack that should
fix kaffe's handling of zero sized entries in jar
files. Could you give it a try and see if that fixes
the problem?

I've also got another patch from Tim for large parts
of java.security in the queue that should let kaffe
run the bouncycastle.org JCE crypto package. That
might fix the compilation problems you are
experiencing. I'll get your code and let you know.


dalibor topic

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From: Dalibor Topic <robilad@yahoo.com>
To: Brian May <bam@snoopy.apana.org.au>
Cc: Jim Pick <kaffe@rufus.w3.org>
Subject: Re: [kaffe] [Fwd: [ openantivirus-Bugs-550444 ] kaffe operation completely broken]
Date: 08 May 2002 17:49:59 -0700

Hi Brian,

--- Brian May <bam@snoopy.apana.org.au> wrote:
> Thanks. It probably should fix the problem. Where
> can I get the CVS code
> from?


> What is the junit.framework.* set of classes? It
> doesn't look like code
> from openantivirus, Java, or Sun to me... However,
> it is definitely
> required. If I compile with Sun's jdk1.3 it works,
> too.

Junit is an open source java unit testing framework.
Go to www.junit.org to get the source.

> Virushammer also requires the swing API, but at the
> moment that isn't
> such a high priority for me.

Kaffe supports swing releases for jdk 1.1. You need to
get the swing package from Suns's JFC site first and
put it in your CLASSPATH.


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From: Magnus Ekdahl <maguno@ludd.luth.se>
To: Brian May <bam@snoopy.apana.org.au>
Subject: Re: Bug#146283: ITP: Clam Antivirus -- powerful anti-virus scanner for Unix. It supports AMaViS, compressed files, uses the virus database from OpenAntivirus.org
Date: 09 May 2002 19:28:19 +0200

> How does this compare with scannerdaemon?

It is a complement to scannerdaemon. It runs as a normal program, with virus 
database updates cron/daemon. 

> Are any changes required to get this going with Amavis?

Yes, there is a patch for Amavis included in the source package of clam.

> Does this mean I will be able move amavis into main?

yes, after applying the patch.

Magnus Ekdahl 0739-287181 magnus@debian.org maguno@ludd.luth.se
public key available at http://oxtan.campus.luth.se/magnus.public
Key fingerprint = 18DE CB62 8A86 374E 824E  09ED 1987 4B18 1213 79F6

From: Sean Chuplis <schuplis@psu.edu>
To: bam@debian.org
Subject: amavis
Date: 09 May 2002 23:18:25 -0400


   I was wondering if there were any debian packages that supported amavis with
qmail. If no, is there anyway to modify one of the existing packages to work
with qmail? Thanks.


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