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ITU fireflier

Hi all

Please CC me in replies, I am currently not subscribed to -devel.

I intend to sponsor the upload of fireflier (source package, generated binaries are fireflier-server and fireflier-client-java) for a collegue. Fireflier is going to be released via sourceforge, license is GPL (with the exception of openssl and jsse).

Quoting from the README:

2.) What is all this about
   I wrote this program to provide an easy way to configure the firewall
   rules for my desktop machine. I am too lazy to use existing tools to
   configure the rules manually, thinking which port I would have to open,
   and which one to close. So I thought it would be useful to have a tool
which does what all those personal windows firewalls do: At the beginning
   everything is denied. When someone wants to connect in or out, the tool
   asks the user, providing information about the corresponding packet,
if it should <accept> or <deny> this packet. Besides you can create rules
   based on the packets. As I didn't find anything achieving this need,
I finally decided to write it myself. This is what later became fireflier.

3.) Architecture and functionality
   To provide the possibility to administer remote machines, I designed
   fireflier as a client/server system.
   The iptables rules implemented in 2.4.x kernels provide the possibility
to pass rules from kernel space to a userspace program via netlink sockets.
   So the fireflier server waits for these packets, organizes them into a
   queue and passes them on to the client (if one is available).
   The client displays the information and sends back commands (accept/deny
   current packet, accept/deny packets in queue, create rule to accept

The official maintainer will be Martin Maurer <fireflier@gibraltar.at>, I am only sponsoring (and helping with the initial packaging) The package is a native Debian package.

If nobody objects, I intend to upload in about 2 days. For detailed questions regarding fireflier itself, please CC Martin Maurer. For questions regarding the packaging, please CC me.

best regards,

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