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Re: HELP: ext3 root partition with kernel-image packages without reboot


On Fri, May 03, 2002 at 07:55:55PM -0700, Osamu Aoki wrote:
> Your problem seems to be -i386 image issue. I am happy to hear you got

No, it's just triggered by i386 kernel having ext2 built-in. When the
kernel mounts the root partition it uses the first FS that fits. When
ext2 is built-in but ext3 is a module, it just tried ext2 first.

> You are correct.  I only rebooted the system.  So my description only
> works for rebooting system after ext3 modification.  

Yes, you cannot change the FS type by just remounting. If you change the
root partition you have to reboot.

> I am confused and need help from a competent developer who can indicate
> "Best Practice" ext3 transition plans.  One for rebooting and another
> without rebooting.  Is there some kind of pivot root or some

I cannot imagine a way to unmount the root partition unless via a


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