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Re: I've just found an infinite loop in the Woody bf2.4 1.44MB install disks!

This seems to be an issue not woth the boot disks but the base sytem of
sorts.  Got the same problem with the compact flavor too.


On Wed, May 01, 2002 at 11:16:11PM +1200, Adam Warner
<lists@consulting.net.nz> was heard to say:
> Hi all,
> These are the install disks that I downloaded tonight:
> I did a standard install (just hit Enter at the rescue floppy).
> Everything was fine until I also decided to install a user.
> I then got asked this series of questions again (with my responses):
> 1. Is hardware clock set to GMT? (No).
> 2. Area? (Pacific Ocean)
> 3. City? (Auckland)
> 4. MD5 Passwords? (Yes)
> 5. Shadow Passwords (Yes).
> Then a brief message flashes by:
> loading /etc/console/boottime.kmap.gz
> Then return to 1. Infinitely.
> Regards,
> Adam

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