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Re: Pre release needs

Martin Michlmayr wrote:
> emacs19 -> emacs20

There is even emacs21.

> gtk+ -> gtk+2.0

Shouldn't this rather be gtk+1.2? Anyway, it's probably good mentioning
binary packages instead of source packages.

> nfs-server -> nfs-user-server

It might be worth mentioning nfs-kernel-server as well. No?

> selfhtml -> chaos, t-gnus

IIRC, the selfhtml package contained the German SELFHTML tutorial which
can be found at http://www.teamone.de/selfhtml/. The descriptions of
chaos and t-gnus don't really sound as if those packages would be good
replacements for selfhtml. Maybe a reference to the webpage should be
given instead.

> umich-ldap -> openldap

AFAIK openldap2 superseded openldap. So this should probably be
openldap2, and there should be another entry

openldap -> openldap2


Roland Bauerschmidt

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