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Re: ftpmaster problems

On Wed, May 01, 2002 at 01:24:48PM +0200, Tomas Pospisek's Mailing Lists wrote:
>                   1) if openssl is included in the normal distribution
>                      it's OK to link against openssl. (Debian _is_
>                      including openssl with it!)

That depends on your interpretation. They say OpenSSL falls under the
exemption[1], our release manager says it doesn't. The OpenSSL folks are
obviously much more biased than the release manager, so I'd rather trust

>                   3) You're on the safe side if you state that it's OK
>                      to link your software against openssl.
>                   I have asked in various places why the powers have come
>                   up with such a requirement but have ___never___ found
>                   anybody who could tell me why linking with openssl
>                   should be a problem.

When you link a GPL-ed program with OpenSSL, you have to respect both
licenses. However, the OpenSSL license has an advertizing clause which makes
it incompatible with the GPL section that says you may not enforce more
restrictions on software that's GPL'd.

[1] unless the library is an integral part of the system, or something like
that, that is the exemption.

Well, that's AFAICT at least, I could be completely wrong, too :)

>                   a) I _have_ to change the section _only_.

This was I presume because the ftpadmins didn't want any additional baggage
that might potentially break things. I can somewhat understand it.

>                   b) I _have_ to include the linking blurb in Debian's
>                      copyright file.
>                   So allthough I'm also upstream maintainer of mailsync I
>                   _have_ to state to myself that it's ok if I myself link
>                   mailsync against openssl. And it's not enough that I do
>                   it in mailsync's README. I _have_ to state in in
>                   Debian's copyright file otherwise James won't let it in.

That's because license information goes into the copyright file, as per
Policy section 13.6. If circumstances were different, you could have done
this in an upload that wasn't looked at. But this way an ftpadmin would
knowingly let a package that violates a "must" directive in, and they will
never do that (nor should they).

>                   mailsync is not in, any and every further question
>                   what's happening on either debian-devel or to ftpmaster
>                   are getting ignored.

What's new... :) I chose not to worry about such things, because it's not
worth it. I'll just hope everything will work out for the best.

> Being rude to maintainers is not fine at all.


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