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Re: Why are foomatic and cupsomatic-ppd still scheduled for removal?

On Sun, 2002-04-28 at 11:00, Jack Howarth wrote:
>     I agree...foomatic and cupsomatic-ppd definitely need to stay in
> woody. If you remove cupsomatic-ppd, you might as well drop cups in its
> entirety as far as inkjet users are concerned since there will be no
> way to print to these printers via cups without those packages.

While I agree that foomatic and cupsomatic-ppd are valuable packages and
should be in woody, I disagree with this statement.

The stock drivers in CUPS cover HP and Epson inkjets, and I personally
have used two different brands of inkjet printers using them with

Finally, it is relatively easy to create PPDs that use gs to support any
device it supports, and people have been distributing PPDs with such
support included.

So, CUPS is not "useless for inkjet printers" without foomatic, although
foomatic greatly enhances ease-of-use for CUPS users.

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