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mime types and packages

     I am working on a debian packaging directory for the pymol
molecular viewer and have one issue that is unclear to me. I
understand one can make a pymol.mime file and that during
packaging the call to dh_installmime will install a pymol mime file
in /usr/lib/mime/packages. What confuses me is why these files
don't seem to be honored by programs like nautilus and konqueror.
Are the files in /usr/lib/mime/packages just there as placekeepers
to remind you of the mime types a program supports or is there 
some way to transfer the mimetype information to other programs
using debhelper. I was hoping I could just use the pymol.mime to
get .pdb files recognized by both nautilus and konqueror to use
pymol as a viewer with a simple pymol.mime such as...

chemical/x-pdb; viewer=/usr/bin/pymol; test=test "$DISPLAY" != ""; description=Protein DataBank Format; nametemplate=%s.pdb; priority=6

Thanks in advance for any hints.

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