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Re: draft release announcement

On 27-Apr-2002 Joey Hess wrote:
> Martin Michlmayr wrote:
>> > > [ XXX those dreamstations and playcasts are mips boxen, right? I don't
>> > > know
>> > >   much about this area. ;-) ]
>> > 
>> > Playstations? pass.
>> mipsel, but not supported by Debian.
>> I would mention embedded systems instead of game consoles.
> I saw Debian running on some type of console at LinuxWorld, it was the
> one that has the game on CD's. Sorry, I really don't pay much attention
> to this area. Unless I can get something concrete, I suppose I will have
> to go with "embedded systems to supercomputers".

dreamcast, playstation, xbox are the 3 that use cd based games now.

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