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Re: Bug#144046: general: Sections are not finely grained

David B Harris wrote:
> What's it take to get a new task? Just a matter of adding a Task: field?
> No other hoops?

Yes, it's that simple. If you want me and aj to murder you, that is.

Noone should be adding task fields to packages. They are overridden in
so that task packages can be controlled by a small group that has a
consisten vision of what each task is for and to avoid the kind of task
bloat you are proposing

> The aforementioned gnome-calculator task could appear as the following
> leaves in the tree:
> desktop-calculators/gnome
> gnome/desktop-calculators
> desktop/desktop-calculators

Check out aptitude's Categorical Browser view. I wanted a clock, so
I went to:

	Utilities and Applications -> Clock and timekeeping programs

i   asclock                                                 2.0.12-5  2.0.12-5  
i   asclock-themes                                          2.0.12-5  2.0.12-5  
p   bbdate                                                  <none>    0.2.1-2
p   bbtime                                                  <none>    0.1.3-6
p   bclock                                                  <none>    1.0-10
p   buici-clock                                             <none>    0.4.0
p   chrony                                                  <none>    1.14-7
p   dclock                                                  <none>    2.1.2-1
p   grandfatherclock                                        <none>    1.0.1-7
p   gtimer                                                  <none>    1.1.5-3

There's not a calculator submenu, but it appears to just be an oversight.

It supports rooting stuff at multiple places in the tree, so emacs
appears under both Editors and under Programming::IDE's, and probably 15
other places. It's a very fine piece of work, and it must be a hell of a
lot of work to keep it all updated independant of the rest of Debian.

see shy jo

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