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Re: ITP: libsocket++ - Socket abstraction library for C++

On Tue, 16 Apr 2002, Matt Zimmerman wrote:

[Own socket library vs. CommonC++]

> > We're trying to get away from CommonC++... :-)

> What sort of problems did you have with it?

Well, it adds too many dependencies, doesn't compile too well on
architectures other than GNU/Linux (it failed on Solaris 2.8), pollutes
the namespace and (most important) cannot do what we need. Plus it makes
debugging hard by starting lots of background threads, which is not only
unnecessary for such a simple app as mine, but also undesired for a shared
library, which Max is writing. Plus, the dependency on preemptive threads
makes it fail in strange ways under NetBSD, which has cooperative threads
by default.


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