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Re: What's up with kdelibs3-dev ?

On Mon, 15 Apr 2002, Remi VANICAT wrote:
> > I want to package Kadu, a Gadu Gadu client for linux, but not for
> > debian, because I'm not yet developer. I want to package it for
> > author, because he want to publish package on Kadu's webpage.
> > But there is one problem. Kadu is written in QT3/KDE3 and in debian
> > there is not kdelibs3-dev, so Kadu doesn't compile. When do you
> kdelibs-dev is what you want.

No, it isn't.

Headers for KDE3 are not packaged yet, and that's what he wants. 
Just like everybody else asking for KDE3 packages, he'll have to wait
for them to be released.

Emmanuel le Chevoir

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