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dialog alternatives

Hi all,

 Just out of curiosity, should there be alternatives for
dialog/xdialog?  I mean, on my system, I'd rather have gdialog used
instead of xdialog (for GUI consistancy with my other apps, which are
95% gtk/gnome).

 For some scripts I've written, I've checked for X: if X exists, it
thens finds an X based dialog program (looks for gdialog, then xdialog,
then defaults to text dialog); if no X, then it just uses dialog.

 I'd imagine a lot of other scripts do similar, or just default to text
dialog, which can be inconvenient, espcially when launching said script
from a Window manager/desktop menu.

 So, back to my point (wow, I actually had one?), should there be an
alternatives for dialog, so we can at least simplify the scripts to
"launch xdialog when X11 is around, launch text dialog otherwise," and
leave the actual GUI implementation of the xdialog program up to the

Sean Etc.

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