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Re: rsync and debian -- summary of issues

On 12 Apr 2002, Brian May <bam@debian.org> wrote:

> I think some more details is required regarding rproxy.

I've added a lot more detail about rproxy, and my understanding of
Goswin's proposal.  Let me know if they're unclear.

> Why is nobody actively developing it?

I'm not sure what kind of answer is possible for that question, since
it is really

 foreach programmer in the world:
   why are they not hacking on rproxy?

Nevertheless I have tried to explain more about it on the web site.

> AFAIK, it solves all the problems regarding server load discussed in
> rsync, doesn't it???

Why did you think that?

rproxy addresses a rather different problem to rsync: for example, it
transfers only one file at a time, not whole directories.  No, rproxy
does not have a magic way to do the delta computation in zero time.
Compared to rsync, rproxy has the advantage of cleaner code (imho),
but the disadvantage that no optimization work has been done.


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