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Re: Galeon not to be in Woody?

On Thu 11 Apr 2002, Joey Hess wrote:

> >      * #142317: mozilla-browser: strange middlemouse behavior leads to
> >        security problem
> So are there any objections if I clone this bug and reassign the grave
> clones to xchat, ssh, vim, lftp, galeon, ytalk, etc? I've found that
> middle-clicking into these programs frequently "causes the user's
> private data in the clipboard to be accidentally sent across the
> network". D'oh.

Is this bug report really about what I think it is?! Pasting an URL with
the middle button is supported by netscape, opera, mozilla, ...  It's
pretty standard behaviour. Read the docs or at least think about how
something like this is useful, before complaining about "strange
middlemouse behavior".

"Duh, they should fix thumb-tacks so I don't hurt myself when I use them
the wrong way round."

Paul Slootman

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