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please upgrade libxslt package to 1.0.15

Dear Nicolas,
  woody is coming and libxslt package in testing is still at version
1.0.12 which has a fastidious bug/feature that create .memdump files
spread all over the filesystem (includeing "/" !!!). In later versions
at least this bug/feature is not compiled unless explicitely stated with
a compile time switch.

Others improvement were added too.

Could you upgrade the package in a relative short time so that it can be
part of woody?
Otherwise I saw that last upgrade of the package was done via NMU, could
someone that already knows the package do an NMU if Nicolas can't do it
by himself?

As a last resort I can NMU it, even if I'm not very in touch with the
package nor with the upstream sources.


Stefano Zacchiroli - undergraduate student of CS @ Univ. Bologna, Italy
zack@cs.unibo.it | ICQ# 33538863 | http://www.cs.unibo.it/~zacchiro
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