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Why was libpam-pgsql removed from the woody lineup?

Just wondering why libpam-pgsql was removed from the woody lineup. As of
libpam-pgsql-0.5.2-3, libpam-pgsql has been built against libpgsql2, not

Also, CJ Watson erroneously filed a bug against that version simply
because it depended on libpgsql. He erroneously assumed that that meant
it must be dependant on libpgsql2.1

As the following output shows, 0.5.2-3 depends on 2.7.2. Since
libpam-pgsql-0.5.2-3 was a fix for the libpgsql2.1 problem, why has this
not been pushed into woody for the current release? There are no RC bugs
against it and there is only a single "Important" bug filed against
it. (#138602: libpam-pgsql: error in manual)

There is also one Normal bug filed against it, for better password
handling with minimal impact on it's overall function.

Could someone please explain to me why 0.5.2-3 will not be available for
the woody release since it was a fix for the 0.5.2-2 version which was
yanked from woody due to it's dependancy on libpgsql2.1 which
libpam-pgsql-0.5.2-3 fixes?


ddowney@elendryl:~$ apt-cache showpkg libpam-pgsql
Package: libpam-pgsql

Reverse Depends:
  0.5.2-3 - libc6 (2 2.2.4-4) libmhash2 (0 (null)) libpam0g (2 0.72-1) libpgsql2 (2 7.2)
  0.5.2-3 -
  Reverse Provides:


David D.W. Downey
libpam-pgsql Maintainer

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