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Re: GNU FDL (was Re: Bug#141561: gnu-standards: Non-free software in main)

On Sun, 2002-04-07 at 22:49, Joseph Carter wrote:
> On Sun, Apr 07, 2002 at 10:20:28PM -0500, Jeff Licquia wrote:
> > 
> > So, we change either the status quo, or the DFSG, or issue
> > clarifications on why the status quo (with GFDL-licensed components)
> > doesn't violate the DFSG.
> Where "clarification" reads as "redefinition".  You can't do that without
> a supermajority GR, as determined by the Debian Project Secretary the last
> time an attempt to modify the Social Contract/DFSG document was made.

No, I meant "clarification".  Several people (including an original
author of the DFSG) have weighed in that there is no conflict between
the DFSG and the GFDL.

They may be wrong, but there's no consensus on that either.  So, the
possibility cannot be dismissed outright.

"Redefinition" amounts to "change" in my list of options, IMHO.

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