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Re: O: gnu-standards -- GNU coding standards

On Sun, 2002-04-07 at 20:29, mdanish@andrew.cmu.edu wrote:
> Whatcha mean "becoming"?  Lispers have been blurring the line between
> data and code for the last half-century.

Speaking as a budding LISPer (working my way through "On Lisp" while my
classes ruin my brain with Java), I'm well aware of this. But aside from
DSSSL, it never became very popular with software documentation writers,
who preferred troff, HTML, TeX, etc, and either the capabilities didn't
exist, or they weren't used. Count the number of DSSSL stylesheets in
Debian, and then the number of XML documents. Or the number of
LISP-generated documents versus the number of static documents.

I was actually wondering when I wrote my first message if any package in
Debian was using LISP for document creation, but I couldn't think of any
offhand. Thanks. :)
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