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Please see the GNU FDL discussion on debian-legal

For those interested in the status of the GNU Free
Documentation License issue: Please read the interesting thread
"The old DFSG-lemma again" on debian-legal from Nov. 2001.

In the thread, Branden Robinson expressed concerns about
ensuring DFSG-compliance of GFDLed documents.  RMS cleared
up several questions and argued convincingly (IMHO) that the GFDL
is DFSG compliant. (Let the need formally to extend the Debian
Free "Software" Guidelines to cover "Documenation" be duly noted.)
Documents that aren't DFSG compliant are also not correctly
licensed according to the terms of the GFDL.  Nevertheless, it
may remain appropriate to write up some instructions for making
sure that the GFDL is correctly used; and the GFDL might perhaps
be clarified a bit too.

Were there any other important debates about the GFDL that should
be read?

Thomas Hood

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