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Re: perl getpwnam returns x

Kirk Ismay wrote:
> I have just copied one of my perl programs from an old slink system to a 
> new machine running potato. Its a perl program for managing users and such.
> On slink, getpwnam(foo) returns the hash for the password, on potato i get 
> an x.
> Both are using shadow passwords.
> Perl Version on slink:
> perl, version 5.004_04
> Perl Version on potato:
> perl, version 5.005_03
> Any suggestions would be helpful. I'm running the script as root in both 
> cases from a cron job.

getpwnam.passwd = x as it is written in /etc/passwd.
getspwnam.passwd = encrypted password.

That's how I seem to recall it works in C so it should work the same way
in Perl.



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