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Re: Rsyncable GZIP (was Re: Package metadata server)

On Sat, 2002-04-06 at 03:13, Otto Wyss wrote:
> Please show use any figures first before you assert this.
> I know rsync imposes some load for the computing of the md5sum but
> sendind only the difference outweighs it repeatedly. 

It's my understanding that rsync imposes a large computational burden on
the server in exchange for a large bandwidth savings.  At a certain
number of rsync clients, this burden can become too onerous for the
server to handle.

Also, the benefits almost all accrue to the client.  The server gains a
small benefit (bandwidth savings), and pays a cost that's both high and
hard to manage.  (Our users wouldn't stand for connection limits, I
don't think.)

I don't have any figures to show to prove this.  Then again, neither do
you, so I guess we're even.

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