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Re: grass entering debian

Il sab, 2002-04-06 alle 09:39, Martin Schulze ha scritto:
> Federico Di Gregorio wrote:
> > the grass debian package is currently sitting in incoming (or being
> > transferred there, 30Mb being quite a lot for my 128Kbit cdn). there are
> > still 20-25 lintian warnings and 5-6 errors, mainly related to the use
> > of csh as a scripting shell. it works for me and i hope it will work for
> > you. have fun,
> Oh dear!  Does it need to be one single extremely large package?

no. i'll split the docs in a separate package in future release. and
note that i didn't included the example data because that would need
almost a full cd just for that... :)

Federico Di Gregorio
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  All'inizio ho scritto un programma proprietario, in esclusiva per il
   cliente; è stato tristissimo, perchè mi ha succhiato un pezzo di
   anima.                                           -- Alessandro Rubini

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