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Re: Rsyncable GZIP (was Re: Package metadata server)

> Some questions that need to be asked:
> Howmany of our mirrors are rsyncable?
How much load can the servers handle?
How much more load does rsync do than a fast http server like tux?

I think the proposed way of providing diff's for certain "common"
versions is much nicer. Sending a request for
and fetching that file is certainly faster and does cause much less load
on the server than rsync. It actually will even require less data to
be transferred.
When the file doesn't exist i can always fallback to fetching the whole
file or maybe rsync then...

Keeping 14 daily diffs probably does take just a few megs on the server.
Providing rsync will probably need as much main memory...

But we HAD this discussion already a few days ago...


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