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xfree86 unbuildable on ppc

   Could someone explain to me the point of releasing
Xfree86 4.1.0-15 as is when clearly patch #065 was 
going to break builds on most non-intel arches?

  * patch #065: raped again by Herbert Xu and Ben Collins; you're not
    "supposed to" Build-Depend on a kernel package and at the same time the
    glibc versions of the kernel headers exclude SiS DRM ioctls that we need
    #defined to compile properly.  Kludge these #defines into sis_alloc.c
    because, of course, it's XFree86's job to know what the uderlying kernel's
    ioctl numbers are.  While we're at it, why don't we just stop using
    standardized constants in our C programs altogether?  :-P  Oh, by the way,
    these are the ioctl's for i386 Linux.  Talk to Herbert and Ben if this
    sucks for you. (Closes: #139511)

I simply don't see the logic at play here considering
we're supposed to be closing in on woody's release.
                  Jack Howarth
ps See bug report 141114 for details.

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