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Re: Debbugs and ACK messages

In Joerg Jaspert's email, 03-04-2002:
> Doug Porter <dsp@debian.org> writes:
> > I suspect there will be enough people on both sides of this
> > issue.  How about defaulting to non-verbose behavior, and having
> > a `-verbose' variant of all the BTS addresses (or even the
> > opposite).  Then those who prefer to receive an acknowledgement
> > can mail submit-verbose@bugs.debian.org and so on...
> Other way: Let it verbose and everybody who dont want it writes to
> -nonverbose.
> So you dont break with the behavior it has now.

I prefer this way too, but would rather the extension be the shorter
-quiet, which is much easier to remember and more standard than 
-nonverbose.  We could even shorten it as far as -q if it doesn't
conflict with something.

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